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Night Ranger

Night Ranger truly epitomizes the sound of the 80’s while at the same time transcending it. Since their reunion in 1996, they have brought their guitar-crunching, melodic brand of Hard Rock into the 21st century with unparalleled talent, energy and creativity.

Night Ranger’s legendary hits "Sister Christian," "(You Can Still) Rock in America," and "Don't Tell Me You Love Me" are songs that have each significantly impacted popular culture and expanded their ever-growing fanbase since the band’s inception. Night Ranger’s contributions are featured in multiple entertainment realms, including the Broadway musical "Rock of Ages" and hit videogame series "Rock Band" and "Guitar Hero." The band has also been recognized in such significant films and television shows as Boogie Nights and American Dad.

.The remaining founding members of the band have impressive resumes. Jack Blades was also in the supergroup Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw, with whom he also released the now classic Hallucination album and the more recent Influence. His songwriting credits include Aerosmith, Cher, Alice Cooper and Ozzy, to name just a few. Brad Gillis appeared on Ozzy’s Speak of the Devil live album, while drummer Kelly Keagy has had a successful solo career of his own.

Somewhere In California is the culmination of the band's work as a whole to date and celebrates the band's 30th anniversary with incredible melodic cuts and hard rocking numbers. Night Ranger's new album has everything the fans could ask for!

Thus far in 2011 the group has toured Mexico and Puerto Rico with long-time collaborators Journey. Night Ranger will tour Japan in June before rejoining Journey and Foreigner in Europe (serving as headliners in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the United Kingdom) before Jour their North American Tour July-October 2011 in celebration of their ninth studio album.

Jack Blades

Besides his key role as a founding member of Night Ranger, Jack Blades founded the supergroup Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent and Tommy Shaw (Styx) and enjoyed two multiplatinum-selling albums (Damn Yankees and Don’t Tread) with chart-topping singles and videos.

In 1995, Jack released the now classic Hallucination CD with Tommy Shaw under the name Shaw/Blades. In March of 2007 they made magic again with the VH1 Classic release of Influence. The album consisted of their favorite tunes from the 60s and 70s and generated a headline tour attracting new and old fans alike.

Jack released his first solo album in 2004. It featured Shaw, his Night Ranger bandmates and others. The same year he co-wrote and recorded a #1-charting multiplatinum Japanese album, TMG, featuring that country’s favorite son, Tak Matsumoto of the mega-group B’z.

Throughout his career, Jack has co-written songs with artists such as Aerosmith, Cher, Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osbourne, to name a few. He even joined in on the filming and recording of Ringo Starr’s VH1 Storytellers. In 2006 Jack was asked to act and sing in a starring role for the rock musical “Rock Of Ages” during their Las Vegas run.

When Jack is not on the road, he can be found in his Northern California studio where, naturally, Night Ranger’s recent collaborative effort, Some

Where In California, was born. Jack has also produced for Vince Neal (solo CD Tattoos and Tequila), Great White and Ted Nugent, among others.
Recently Jack finished recording his second solo album "Back in The Game" slated for a fall 2011 release.

Brad Gillies

Brad Gillis is a founding member of Night Ranger who started his recording career in 1976 with Jack Blades and the band Rubicon. Brad is one of the few guitar icons of our time that can undoubtedly be recognized by his aggressively unique Floyd Rose tremolo guitar sounds. In 1982 that skill was called on when Ozzy Osborne asked him to step in and fill Randy Rhodes shoes. Brad accepted the challenge and went on to tour with Ozzy for a year. He also recorded the Live 1982 platinum-selling album Speak Of The Devil with Ozzy.

Gilrock Ranch, Brad's first solo album, was released in 1992. It featured Carmine Appice and Kelly Keagy on drums, and Gregg Allman on vocals. Gilrock Ranch garnered national airplay and the Top 20 AOR hit "Honest To God" with Gregg on lead vocals. He’s most recent solo effort, Alligator, was release in Europe and Japan in 2001. Between projects Brad also contributed a smoldering solo to the song "Stars" by Ronnie James Dio's star-studded Hear N' Aid project, which raised money to fight starvation in Ethiopia.

As an avid vintage guitar enthusiast, Brad’s collection has risen to over 135 guitars and 40 amplifiers. That passion for his instruments and his masterful skill on them has been featured in many magazine and graced many covers throughout his career; including American magazines Guitar Player, Guitar World, Guitar For The Practicing Musician and Japanese magazines, Young Guitar (3 times) and Player Magazine (2 times).

His production house, Liquid Hot Music Production, has recorded 150+ tracks for sporting events on ESPN Sports Center, Monday Night Football, FOX Sports, Fuse TV, The X Games and The Tennis Channel and has had music featured in popular video games such as Electronic Arts' Tiger Woods PGA Golf Tour, along with several major movie soundtracks.

Kelly Keagy

In 2001 Kelly Keagy released, his long-awaited debut solo album, Time Passes, featuring many name guests, including most of his Night Ranger band mates.
Besides being one of the founding members of Night Ranger, Kelly composed one of Night Ranger’s biggest hit, “Sister Christian”. As both a singer and songwriter he continues to be much in demand, collaborating with many of the country’s top tunesmiths.

He has also performed shows nationwide with the classic rock supergroup Jim Peterik’s World Stage featuring Alan Parsons, Kip Winger, Tom Keifer (Cinderella), Don Barnes (38 Special), Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon) and others.

2007 saw the release of his second solo album, I'm Alive, which garnered both critical and popular acclaim being regarded as another outstanding


achievement for melodic hard rock. I'm Alive features performances by Reb Beach, Tommy Denander and Michael Lardie.

Joel Hoekstra

The son of classical musicians, Joel Hoekstra started out playing cello and piano at a young age, but it was hearing Angus Young that inspired him to start guitar. Raised in the Chicago area, Joel has lived in New York City for the past 10+ years.

Joel lives to give the Night Ranger fans an energetic, classic show! In addition to playing in Night Ranger, Joel is also the lead guitarist for the hit Broadway show 'Rock of Ages' and recently toured with Trans Siberian Orchestra. Through shows with other various projects, Joel has also played with: Eric Martin (Mr Big), Kevin Cronin (REO), Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Tommy Shaw (Styx), Don Barnes (38 Special), Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow), Rik Emmett (Triumph), Alan Parsons, Kip Winger, Tom Keifer (Cinderella), Matthew & Gunnar Nelson, Jimi Jamison & Jim Peterik (Survivor), Martha Davis (The Motels), Mickey Thomas (Starship), David Pack (Ambrosia), Donnie & Johnny Van Zant & Mark Slaughter to name a few.

Eric Levy

Eric Levy has performed and/or recorded with notable musicians from a wide range of genres. He's worked with jazz musicians like Dennis Chambers, Jerry Goodman and Dave Weckl; R&B/funk artists such as The Brides of Funkenstein, Lenny Williams, and Tom & Lara Johnston; world music stars like

Zakir Hussein, Tito Puente and Orhan Osman, and rock & roll legends like Fabian, Frankie Ford and Wolfman Jack. Eric also spent eleven years touring with jam supergroup Garaj Mahal, with acclaimed members Kai Eckhardt, Sean Rickman, Alan Hertz and Fareed Haque. He's performed as a "sit in" guest with some of the biggest names in the jam scene, like Umphrey's McGee, String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, Steve Kimock and Karl Denson's Tiny Universe.

Eric's compositions have been heard in both film and radio. His song "Blueberry Cave" was used often as bumper music for NPR's "The World", and the Garaj Mahal album of the same name won the 2003 Independent Music Award for Jam Album of the Year. Eric has dabbled in jazz education, as a substitute teacher at the Jazz School in Berkeley CA and as a guest artist with the Los Medanos College Jazz Ensemble. He's also performed as a session musician on countless albums and EP's by Bay Area songwriters.

However… Eric has experienced nothing more fun than rocking on stage with Night Ranger!

Band members

Current members

  • Kelly Keagy – drums, percussion, backing & lead vocals (1979–1989, 1991–present)
  • Brad Gillis – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals (1979–1989, 1991–present)
  • Jack Blades – bass guitar, lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar (1979–1989, 1996–present)
  • Joel Hoekstra – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals (2008–present)
  • Eric Levy – keyboards, backing vocals (2011–present)

Former members

  • Alan Fitzgerald – keyboards, backing vocals (1980–1988, 1996–2003)
  • Jeff Watson – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals, (1980–1989, 1991, 1996–2007)
  • Jesse Bradman – keyboards, backing vocals (1988–1989)
  • Gary Moon – bass guitar, lead & backing vocals (1991–1996)
  • David Zajicek – rhythm guitar, keyboards, backing vocals (1995–1996)
  • Michael Lardie – keyboards, backing vocals (2003–2007)
  • Reb Beach – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals (2007–2008)
  • Christian Matthew Cullen – keyboards, backing vocals (2007–2011)

Session members

  • Jack Russell (Great White) – backing vocals on Seven (1998 — multiple tracks)
  • Tommy Shaw (Styx/Damn Yankees) – backing vocals on Seven (1998 — track "Kong")

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