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Formed in 1977 in North Yorkshire, ENGLAND and steered by the legendary ex-Deep Purple vocalist David Coverdale, Whitesnake carry a rightful reputation as one of the world's leading Hard-Rock bands. During the early years, a remarkably diverse array of musicians, among them Roger Glover, Tim Hinkley, Simon Phillips, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, joined Coverdale on his new venture.

The group began touring throughout Europe and Japan and eventually Coverdale teamed-up with guitarists Mick Moody and Bernie Marsden, keyboardist Peter Solley, bassist Neil Murray and drummer David Dowell to record 1978's "Snakebite".

Over the next two years the group released two albums, "Trouble" and "Lovehunter"; both the LPs, recorded with Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Lord, were mid-chart success in Britain.

In the spring of 1980 arrived "Ready An' Willing" which marked the recording debut of another Deep Purple founding member, drummer Ian Paice. The album quickly bulleted into the top 10 in U.K. and peaked at #90 on The Billboard 200; opener "Fool For Your Lovin'" was their first U.K. top 20 hit single; with its clever combination of hit-savvy chorus and authentic bluesy resignation; the single also entered The Billboard Hot 100 in U.S. where it leapt to #53.

One year later, the band's fourth offering, "Come An' Get It", shot up to #2 on the U.K. Albums chart spawning two bluesy rockers top 20 hits "Don't Break My Heart Again" and "Would I Lie To You". Staside, the album failed to rise above #151 on the Billboard's Top 200 LPs & Tapes chart.

"Saints & Sinners" followed in late 1982, it climbed into the U.K. top 10 and produced the top 40 hit "Here I Go Again"; most Americans only came to know this song five years later as the group's fifth album was largely ignored in the States.

Whitesnake returned in 1984 with the new line-up that included Coverdale, Lord, Moody and the newcomers guitarist Mel Galley, bass player Colin Hodgkinson and drummer Cozy Powell. The sextet released "Slide It In" which cracked The Billboard 200 chart at #42 and subsequently went platinum on the back of the Mainstream Rock top 40 hits "Love Ain't No Stranger" and "Slow An' Easy". "Slide It In" took Coverdale and company to #1 on the British Albums chart for the first time; the disc included two U.K. sizeable hit singles "Guilty Of Love" and "Give Me More Time".
On a quirky historical note, Coverdale fired most of the band soon after the album's release, replacing them with younger, prettier faces with which to better conquer America; there were several personnel changes and finally he enlisted guitarists Adrian Vandenberg and Vivian Campbell, bassist Rudy Sarzo and drummer Tommy Aldridge.

In April 1987 Whitesnake released an explosive eponymous album, which rocketed to #2 on The Billboard Top 200, to #5 on the Top Canadian Albums chart, to #8 in U.K. selling over six million copies; it generated two British top 10 hit singles: the quiet ballad "Is This Love" and the remix version of "Here I Go Again", both these singles stormed The Billboard Hot 100 peaking at the #2 and #1 spots, respectively; two more singles appeared in the top 30 of The Mainstream Rock chart: "Still Of The Night" and the re-recorded version of "Give Me All Your Love".

Once again Coverdale changed the line-up and issued "Slip Of The Tongue" in February of 1989; the album crashed into the top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 chart and eventually was certified platinum for sales of one million copies. The new version of "Fool For Your Loving" soared to #2 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks and was followed by "The Deeper The Love", #4 and "Now You're Gone", #15, on that same chart.

In early 1991, David Coverdale disbanded Whitesnake “indefinitely” only to be re-born in 1993 with the release of the platinum selling album "Coverdale Page", recorded in collaboration with former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page.

After full nine years Coverdale resurrected the Whitesnake name and recorded "Restless Heart" with Adrian Vandenberg on guitar, Brett Tuggle on keyboards, Guy Pratt on bass and Denny Carmassi on drums. The album, credited to David Coverdale & Whitesnake, was released only in Europe to relatively little attention.

April 2008 saw Whitesnake return with "Good To Be Bad", their tenth studio album and first in over a decade. This time the line-up included Coverdale, obviously, on vocals, guitarists Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach, keyboardist Timothy Drury, bass player Uriah Duffy and drummer Chris Frazier. The disc debuted at #62 on The Billboard 200, hit #23 on the Top Canadian Albums charts and also made it into the top 5 in Great Britain.

Whitesnake's new album "Forevermore"was met with generally positive reviews upon release. Allmusic rated the album 3.5/5,Thom Jurek of Allmusic stated that "[Love Will Set You Free, the album's first single] is top-notch Whitesnake that nods back to the early years while grounding itself in the present." He also stated that the tracks "All Out of Luck" and "Tell Me How" "measure up in the same way".


Current members

David Coverdale – lead vocals (1976–1990, 1994, 1997–1998, 2002–present)
Doug Aldrich – guitars, backing vocals (2002–present)
Reb Beach – guitars, backing vocals (2002–present)
Michael Devin – bass, backing vocals (2010–present)
Brian Tichy – drums, percussion (2010–present)
Brian Ruedy - keyboards, backing vocals (2011–present)




  • Released October 1978
  • Recorded Summer 1978
  • Genre Hard rock, blues-rock
  • Length 38:20
  • Label United Artists/Geffen (USA/Canada)
  • Polydor (Japan)
    EMI International (Rest Of World)
  • Producer Martin Birch

  1. "Take Me With You" (David Coverdale, Micky Moody) – 4:45
  2. "Love to Keep You Warm" (Coverdale) – 3:44
  3. "Lie Down (A Modern Love Song)" (Coverdale, Moody) – 3:14
  4. "Day Tripper" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) – 3:47
  5. "Nighthawk (Vampire Blues)" (Coverdale, Bernie Marsden) – 3:39
  6. "The Time Is Right for Love" (Coverdale, Moody, Marsden) – 3:26
  7. "Trouble" (Coverdale, Marsden) – 4:48
  8. "Belgian Tom's Hat Trick" (Moody) – 3:26
  9. "Free Flight" (Coverdale, Marsden) – 4:06
  10. "Don't Mess With Me" (Coverdale, Moody, Marsden, Neil Murray, Jon Lord, Dave Dowle) – 3:25

Bonus tracks

Trouble was remastered and reissued in 2006 with tracks from Snakebite EP as bonus tracks:

  1. "Come On" (Coverdale, Marsden) – 3:32
  2. "Bloody Mary" (Coverdale) – 3:21
  3. "Steal Away" (Coverdale, Moody, Marsden, Murray, Pete Solley, Dowle) – 4:19
  4. "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City" (Michael Price, Dan Walsh) – 5:06


  • Released October 1979
  • Recorded 1979
  • Genre Hard rock, blues-rock
  • Length 41:25
  • Label United Artists
  • Polydor (Japan)
  • Producer Martin Birch

  1. "Long Way from Home" (David Coverdale) – 4:58
  2. "Walking in the Shadow of the Blues" (Coverdale, Bernie Marsden) – 4:26
  3. "Help Me Thro' the Day" (Leon Russell) – 4:40
  4. "Medicine Man" (Coverdale) – 4:00
  5. "You 'n' Me" (Coverdale, Marsden) – 3:25
  6. "Mean Business" (Coverdale, Micky Moody, Marsden, Neil Murray, Jon Lord, Dave Dowle) – 3:49
  7. "Love Hunter" (Coverdale, Moody, Marsden) – 5:38
  8. "Outlaw" (Coverdale, Marsden, Lord) – 4:04
  9. "Rock 'N' Roll Women" (Coverdale, Moody) – 4:44
  10. "We Wish You Well" (Coverdale) – 1:39

Bonus tracks

Lovehunter was remastered and reissued in 2006 with several bonus tracks:

  1. "Belgian Tom's Hat Trick" (Moody) – 3:40
  2. "Love to Keep You Warm" (Coverdale) – 3:30
  3. "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City" (Michael Price, Dan Walsh) – 4:54
  4. "Trouble" (Coverdale, Marsden) – 4:30

Bonus Tracks are from Andy Peebles BBC Radio 1 Sessions recorded March 29, 1979.

Ready an' Willing

  • Released 31 May 1980
  • Recorded Ridge Farm, Central Recorders Studio and Sauna, December 1979, February 1980
  • Genre Hard rock, blues rock
  • Length 40:10
  • Label Mirage/Atlantic (USA/Canada)
    Polydor (Japan)
    United Artists (Rest Of World)
  • Producer Martin Birch

  1. "Fool for Your Loving" David Coverdale, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden 4:17
  2. "Sweet Talker" Coverdale, Marsden 3:38
  3. "Ready an' Willing" Coverdale, Moody, Neil Murray, Jon Lord, Ian Paice 3:44
  4. "Carry Your Load" Coverdale 4:06
  5. "Blindman" Coverdale 5:09
  6. "Ain't Gonna Cry No More" Coverdale, Moody 5:52
  7. "Love Man" Coverdale 5:04
  8. "Black and Blue" Coverdale, Moody 4:06
  9. "She's a Woman" Coverdale, Marsden 4:07

Mirage Records (a subsidiary of Atlantic Records)
2006 remastered bonus tracks

  1. "Love for Sale" (Previously unreleased) Coverdale 3:05
  2. "Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City" (Live at the Reading Festival 1979) Michael Price, Dan Walsh 6:54
  3. "Mistreated" (Live at the Reading Festival 1979) Coverdale, Ritchie Blackmore 13:30
  4. "Love Hunter" (Live at the Reading Festival 1979) Coverdale, Moody, Marsden 5:56
  5. "Breakdown" (Live at the Reading Festival 1979) Coverdale, Moody 5:38

Come an' Get It

  • Released 11 April 1981
  • Recorded Startling Studios, Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England in July '80, Sept. '80 and Jan. '81
  • Genre Hard rock, blues rock
  • Length 40:24
  • Label Mirage/Atlantic (USA/Canada)
    Polydor (Japan)
    Liberty Records (Rest Of World)
  • Producer Martin Birch

  1. "Come an' Get It" David Coverdale 3:59
  2. "Hot Stuff" Coverdale, Micky Moody 3:22
  3. "Don't Break My Heart Again" Coverdale 4:03
  4. "Lonely Days, Lonely Nights" Coverdale 4:16
  5. "Wine, Women An' Song" Coverdale, Moody, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Jon Lord, Ian Paice 3:45
  6. "Child of Babylon" Coverdale, Marsden 4:48
  7. "Would I Lie to You" Coverdale, Moody, Marsden 4:29
  8. "Girl" Coverdale, Marsden, Murray 3:55
  9. "Hit an' Run" Coverdale, Moody, Marsden 3:23
  10. "Till the Day I Die" Coverdale 4:23

2007 remastered bonus tracks

  1. "Child of Babylon" (Alternate Rough Mix) Coverdale, Marsden 4:28
  2. "Girl" (Alternate Version/Rough Mix) Coverdale, Marsden, Murray 4:07
  3. "Come an' Get It" (Rough Mix) Coverdale 3:59
  4. "Lonely Days, Lonely Nights" (Alternate Version/Rough Mix) Coverdale 4:13
  5. "Till the Day I Die" (Rough Mix) Coverdale 4:44
  6. "Hit an' Run" (Backing Track) Coverdale, Moody, Marsden 3:18

Saints & Sinners

  • Released 20 November 1982
  • Recorded 1981–1982
  • Genre Hard rock, blues rock
  • Length 39:16
  • Label Geffen/Warner Bros. (USA/Canada)
    Polydor (Japan)
    Liberty Records (Rest of World)
  • Producer Martin Birch

  1. "Young Blood" David Coverdale, Bernie Marsden 3:30
  2. "Rough an' Ready" Coverdale, Micky Moody 2:52
  3. "Bloody Luxury" Coverdale 3:23
  4. "Victim of Love" Coverdale 3:33
  5. "Crying in the Rain" Coverdale 6:00
  6. "Here I Go Again" Coverdale, Marsden 5:08
  7. "Love an' Affection" Coverdale, Moody 3:09
  8. "Rock an' Roll Angels" Coverdale, Moody 4:07
  9. "Dancing Girls" Coverdale 3:10
  10. "Saints an' Sinners" Coverdale, Moody, Marsden, Neil Murray, Jon Lord, Ian Paice 4:25

2007 remastered bonus tracks

  1. "Young Blood" (monitor mix/early vocals) Coverdale, Marsden 3:30
  2. "Saints an' Sinners" (monitor mix/early vocals) Coverdale, Moody, Marsden, Murray, Lord, Paice 4:24
  3. "Soul Survivor" (unfinished, unreleased song) Coverdale, Moody, Marsden 3:08

Slide It In

  • Released January 1984 (UK)
  • Recorded 1983
  • Genre Hard rock, heavy metal, blues rock
  • Length 40:40
  • Label Geffen/Warner Bros. (USA/Canada)
    CBS/Sony (Japan)
    Liberty Records (Rest of World)
  • Producer Martin Birch

All songs written by David Coverdale and Mel Galley, except where noted.

UK Release

  1. "Gambler" 3:57
  2. "Slide It In" Coverdale 3:20
  3. "Standing in the Shadow" Coverdale 3:32
  4. "Give Me More Time" 3:41
  5. "Love Ain't No Stranger" 4:13
  6. "Slow An' Easy" Coverdale, Micky Moody 6:09
  7. "Spit It Out" 4:11
  8. "All or Nothing" 3:34
  9. "Hungry for Love" Coverdale 3:57
  10. "Guilty of Love" Coverdale 3:18
  11. "Need Your Love So Bad" (Japanese Bonus Track) Mertis John Jr. 3:14

US Release

  1. "Slide It In" Coverdale 3:20
  2. "Slow an' Easy" Coverdale, Moody 6:08
  3. "Love Ain't No Stranger" 4:18
  4. "All or Nothing" 3:40
  5. "Gambler" 3:58
  6. "Guilty of Love" Coverdale 3:24
  7. "Hungry for Love" Coverdale 3:28
  8. "Give Me More Time" 3:42
  9. "Spit It Out" 4:26
  10. "Standing in the Shadow" Coverdale 3:42


  • Released 7 April 1987
  • Recorded September 1985 – April 1986
  • Genre Glam metal, hard rock, heavy metal[1]
  • Length 53:00
  • Label Geffen/Warner Bros. (US/Canada)
    CBS/Sony (Japan)
    EMI (rest of world)
  • Producer Mike Stone & Keith Olsen

All songs written by David Coverdale and John Sykes except where noted.

North American version

  1. "Crying in the Rain" Coverdale 5:37
  2. "Bad Boys" 4:09
  3. "Still of the Night" 6:38
  4. "Here I Go Again" Coverdale, Bernie Marsden 4:33
  5. "Give Me All Your Love" 3:30
  6. "Is This Love" 4:43
  7. "Children of the Night" 4:24
  8. "Straight for the Heart" 3:40
  9. "Don't Turn Away" 5:11

European version (1987)

  1. "Still of the Night" 6:38
  2. "Bad Boys" 4:09
  3. "Give Me All Your Love" 3:30
  4. "Looking for Love" 6:33
  5. "Crying in the Rain" Coverdale 5:37
  6. "Is This Love" 4:43
  7. "Straight for the Heart" 3:40
  8. "Don't Turn Away" 5:11
  9. "Children of the Night" 4:24
  10. "Here I Go Again" Coverdale, Bernie Marsden 4:33
  11. "You're Gonna Break My Heart Again" 4:11

Slip of the Tongue

  • Released 18 November 1989
  • Recorded 1989
  • Genre Hard rock, Heavy metal
  • Length 46:47
  • Label Geffen/Warner Bros. (USA/Canada)
    CBS/Sony (Japan)
    EMI (Rest of World) (USA)
  • Producer Mike Clink & Keith Olsen

All songs written by David Coverdale and Adrian Vandenberg except as noted.

  1. "Slip of the Tongue" 5:20
  2. "Cheap an' Nasty" 3:28
  3. "Fool for Your Loving" Coverdale, Micky Moody, Bernie Marsden 4:10
  4. "Now You're Gone" 4:11
  5. "Kittens Got Claws" 5:00
  6. "Wings of the Storm" 5:00
  7. "The Deeper the Love" 4:22
  8. "Judgement Day" 5:15
  9. "Slow Poke Music" 3:59
  10. "Sailing Ships" 6:02

Restless Heart

  • Released 26 March 1997
  • Recorded 1995-1997 at Sierra Sonic, Reno, Nevada
  • Genre Hard rock, blues rock
  • Length 55:51 (67:16)
  • Label EMI
  • Producer David Coverdale

All titles written by David Coverdale & Adrian Vandenberg except where noted.

  1. "Don't Fade Away" – 5:02
  2. "All In the Name of Love" – 4:42
  3. "Restless Heart" – 4:50
  4. "Too Many Tears" – 5:44
  5. "Crying" – 5:34
  6. "Stay with Me" (Jerry Ragovoy & George David Weiss) – 4:09
  7. "Can't Go On" – 4:27
  8. "You're So Fine" – 5:10
  9. "Your Precious Love" – 4:34
  10. "Take Me Back Again" – 6:02
  11. "Woman Trouble Blues" – 5:35

Track 6 originally recorded by Lorraine Ellison.
Bonus Tracks

Japan Pressing (EMI TOCP-50090) adds:

  1. "Anything You Want" – 4:11
  2. "Can't Stop Now" – 3:27
  3. "Oi" (Instrumental) (Denny Carmassi, Coverdale & Vandenberg) – 3:47

Good to Be Bad

  • Released 21 April 2008 (Europe)
  • Recorded 2007
  • Genre Hard rock, blues-rock
  • Label SPV/Steamhammer
  • Producer David Coverdale, Doug Aldrich, Michael McIntyre

All songs written by David Coverdale and Doug Aldrich, except where noted.

  1. "Best Years" Coverdale, Aldrich 5:16
  2. "Can You Hear the Wind Blow" Coverdale, Aldrich 5:03
  3. "Call on Me" Coverdale, Aldrich 5:01
  4. "All I Want All I Need" Coverdale, Aldrich 5:40
  5. "Good to Be Bad" Coverdale, Aldrich 5:13
  6. "All for Love" Coverdale, Aldrich 5:13
  7. "Summer Rain" Coverdale, Aldrich 6:10
  8. "Lay Down Your Love" Coverdale, Aldrich 6:01
  9. "A Fool in Love" Coverdale, Aldrich 5:50
  10. "Got What You Need" Coverdale, Aldrich 4:15
  11. "'Til the End of Time" Coverdale, Aldrich 5:32


  • Released 9 March 2011
  • Recorded Snakebyte Studios and Grumblenott Studios & Villas, Lake Tahoe, Nevada and with "additional work" at Casa Dala, Sherman Oaks, CA
  • Genre Hard rock, blues rock
  • Length 63:31
  • Label Frontiers/EMI
  • Producer Los Bros Brutalos (David Coverdale, Doug Aldrich, Michael McIntyre)

All songs written and composed by David Coverdale and Doug Aldrich except where noted.

  1. "Steal Your Heart Away" 5:18
  2. "All Out of Luck" 5:28
  3. "Love Will Set You Free" 3:52
  4. "Easier Said Than Done" 5:13
  5. "Tell Me How" 4:41
  6. "I Need You (Shine a Light)" 3:49
  7. "One of These Days" 4:53
  8. "Love and Treat Me Right" 4:14
  9. "Dogs in the Street" 3:48
  10. "Fare Thee Well" 5:18
  11. "Whipping Boy Blues" 5:02
  12. "My Evil Ways" 4:33
  13. "Forevermore" 7:22


1979 "Long Way from Home" Lovehunter
1980 "Fool for Your Loving" Ready an' Willing
"Ready an' Willing"
"Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City" Live in the Heart of the City
1981 "Don't Break My Heart Again" Come an' Get It
"Would I Lie to You"
1982 "Here I Go Again" Saints & Sinners
"Bloody Luxury"
1983 "Guilty of Love" Slide It In
1984 "Standing in the Shadow"
"Give Me More Time"
"Love Ain't No Stranger"
"Slow An' Easy"
1987 "Here I Go Again '87" Whitesnake
"Is This Love"
"Still of the Night"
"Crying in the Rain '87"
1988 "Give Me All Your Love"
1989 "Fool for Your Loving '89" Slip of the Tongue
1990 "The Deeper the Love"
"Now You're Gone"
1994 "Is This Love"/"Sweet Lady Luck" Greatest Hits
1997 "Too Many Tears" Restless Heart
"Don't Fade Away"
2006 "All I Want Is You" Live: In the Shadow of the Blues
2008 "Lay Down Your Love" Good to Be Bad
"All for Love"
"Summer Rain"
2011 "Love Will Set You Free" Forevermore




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Song Played:
If Love Is A Crime (I Wanna Be Convicted)

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For all of us lovers :)

Gary Moore

Song Played:
Purple Haze

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For Bluedeath :)

Greta Van Fleet

Song Played:
Black Smoke Rising

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They are going to be the New Led Zepplin

Marilyn Manson

Song Played:
Deep Six

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To all of us that are supposed to be 6 feet under

Alice Cooper

Song Played:
Fresh Blood

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for all us blood suckers out there!!!!

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